Ise Trip

I’m almost always ready for a trip so when one of my fellow English teachers suggested a day trip on Thanksgiving I was totally down. 

Anyone who knows me will tell you that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love cooking and just chilling with important people in my life. And shopping 🙂 

But that couldn’t happen this year. I literally have no oven. So, I skipped it this year and went to Ise. Now you might be wondering how I had Thanksgiving off work. Well, I’m incredibly lucky. This year, the 23rd happened to be a Japanese national holiday, obviously unrelated to America’s Thanksgiving. 

Ise is most famous for its shrine, which is huge. The grounds were gorgeous and fun to explore.

One of the Japanese princesses were visiting that day and so there were a ton of people. We opted out of the crazy long line to see her but we did see her in her car (sorry no picture).

After the temple we wondered around a nearby shopping and food street.

It got crazy crowded around lunch time. Speaking of lunch! We found this super cute Snoopy cafe!

I do love a good themed cafe.

I also had to try some soy sauce ice cream.

Which was basically vanilla ice cream with an almost caramel sauce. It was good but not the unique flavor I wanted. 

After The Ise shrine we went on an adventure to find Meoto Iowa. 

This shrine is popular with couples because the two rocks joined with the rope is represents a married couple. It was an very windy day and the waves where crazy. I love love love large bodies of water so this was the best part of the trip for me.

Apparently there is an Edo era amusement park in Ise as well. I am pretty sure I’m bringing anyone who visits me here. 

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