Ventures in Cooking episode 1

Long ago in a kitchen far away…

Actually my first memory of baking was royally messing up a cookie recipe. I had confused baking powder and baking soda and the resulting cookies were inedible. Despite what my parents said. I wish I could say that was the last time I made that error but…

Moving on.

I still love baking. But my lovely, tiny, super efficient apartment doesn’t have an oven.

Since I moved in I have been Pinterest staking rice cooker cakes. I have this mini rice cooker that makes amazing rice super fast (once you figure out the japanese)

So, what the heck. Let’s make a cake!

Once you have made the initial investment in baking (flour, sugar, baking soda… or powder, and cooking implements) baking is super cost effective. Unfortunately, the cost of this cake included all of the essentials. Ultimately, the price came out to about $15. Not awesome for my “saving money” venture. But if I look at it like an entertainment and food expense, not too shabby.

Back to the cake.

I straight up took this recipe from this website go check out the original. Because my rice cooker is mini and because I will be eating this by myself I made a third of the original. 

Now, the original recipe doesn’t say how long to cook it. And my cooker is a different size so I broke the rules (gasp!) and checked the cake at the twenty minute mark. I also measured the vanilla over the bowl. What can I say? I’m a rebel.

The cake was not done. Nor was is done at the 40 minute mark. So, I let it cook 15 more minutes. I think this was about five minutes too long. Next time I will shoot for 50 minutes total.

While it does look a little like the crack in the universe from Doctor Who, I think I will risk it and try a piece.

I whipped up a quick ganache and used the super sparkly sprinkles from daiso.

It might taste terrible but it looks beautiful!

And it was delicious!

It was a touch dry. Probably that five extra minutes. Overall I’m super pleased and plan on making many more cakes in my rice cooker. 

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Cooking Ventures with Japanda! 🎵🎵

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