When living abroad isn’t a vacation…

Living in another country is an amazing experience. You learn about the world, people, and yourself. You get to see fat away places and eat incredible food. Sounds amazing.

The problem is… its still life. You most likely have a job. You have to buy groceries. Pay bills. Go to the post office. But now, you have to do it in a language that you don’t really know.

This sounds like I am complaining. I know.

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But sometimes I want to complain about work or the weather or… the bikes! (Dear Lord, how I hate them.) But then I stop myself because… well, if this is such an amazing experience then I should be amazed by everything. How can I be annoyed by the bikes when I get to eat fresh sashimi for so cheap? Or run around a castle? Or go shopping in the most awesome underground mall ever?

Because it is still life.

And sometimes life is annoying. And I think that’s ok.

Being constantly in awe of living in a new place is unnatural and it makes it difficult to truly appreciate the amazing. I have been trying to appreciate everything because I don’t want to miss out on anything and I don’t want to waste this experience. But there has to be days when life is just life. And I am trying to accept that.

So, this week was rough. But I did eat sashimi for the first time. So that’s cool.

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