The silent theater

Fun fact: Japan gets movies sooooo much later than America. 

I’m a huge marvel fan and have been looking forward to the new Spider-Man movie for at least six months. Then I found out it was being released in America July 4th… when did I leave for Japan? June 31st.
That’s cool. I’m sure I can see it in Japan… in August! And of course it is released the week I’m in Korea. So, finally a month and a half later, I see Spider-Man. 

And it was one of the strangest movie going experiences I have ever had.


The silence.

When we first walked into the theater I thought it was empty. But no, it was full of people, all silently eating their popcorn. How does one eat popcorn silently?!

Before the movie there was the typical warning screen: don’t record the film, don’t talk on your phone, and don’t eat your popcorn loudly. I knew then that we were in trouble.

If you haven’t seen the new Spider-Man movie yet then you should. (If you are living in America you have no excuse).  I thought it’s take on high school was spot on and highly comical. My fellow Japanese movie goers apparently didn’t agree. I do wonder if the high school experience is so different here that the humor didn’t translate.

My fellow Americans and I about split a seam trying to laugh silently. At one point, there is a major reveal and I physically had to stifle a gasp. 

So, that was weird.

But perhaps the weirdest part was after the movie. So, any Marvel fan knows that you stay after the credits. You hangout and talk about how great the movie was while names that you don’t care about scroll by unnoticed.

Not so in Japan.

Oh, yes. We all stayed. They didn’t even bring up the theater lights. I don’t think a single person left their seats. But it was still silent. We all watched the names in silence. 

Then after the end scene. We all filed out of the theater, in silence. 

I didn’t even feel like I could talk openly about the movie until we were outside the theater. 

I have yet to get the courage to ask one of my Japanese friends about this strange movie culture. What do you even ask? Why are you so quiet at the movies? 

So that was a super long post about going to the movie theater. My life is a thrill ride ya’all.

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