World Cosplay Summit

Every year Nagoya hosts the finals for the World Cosplay Summit. During this week long event people from all over the world come to Nagoya to compete with their creations. 

Today part of the fun was a cosplay parade through the Osu shopping arcade. 

Osu and the nearby Kannon temple are worth their own post and another (cooler) afternoon to explore. 

Today’s 95 degree day (due to humidity and lack of a breeze it felt like 107) was… oppressive. I was in shorts and constantly fanning myself and I was dripping sweat. But that didn’t seem to phase the cosplayers.

I think “parade” was too strong a word for what I witnessed. It was more like a procession of cosplayers posing for pictures… There was no cheering. There was a marching band at the beginning but once they passed it was silent.

It was impressive to see the different cosplayers and marvel at their dedication in the heat.

After the parade there was a small stage set up for… a talent show I guess. We didn’t stick around to see much other than this adorable girl singing and dancing like she wasn’t about to have a heat stroke like the rest of us.

It should be against the rules to be this kawaii (cute) in the summer in Nagoya. Did I mention the heat?

The only thing that saved me was the shaved ice.

Peach flavored. Made with real peaches. Sooooo refreshing….

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