One month in… and I haven’t gotten lost!

I didn’t post last week because I didn’t really do anything super exciting…

I explored my new city and got super confused by a train system and played the increasingly popular game of “Is This My Train?” 

I never actually got lost so I guess I’m the big winner. I always knew exactly where I was… I just wasn’t sure how to get where I wanted to go…

The problem with the train system in Nagoya is that it’s not all operated under one company. I have a card for one train system but when I want to ride another system I have to buy a ticket. AND the fare varies depending on how far I am going. AND if I don’t pay for the correct fare I have to pay for the difference upon my arrival at the station or I  get called out by an apologetic subway worker. 

But, I’m slowly getting the lay of the land. I did a little bit of shopping and ate waaaay too much junk food. 

Perhaps the most confusing thing about Japan thus far has been the malls.. stations… it’s hard to explain. 

See the train stations open into these (often underground) shopping malls that are a bit like the labyrinth of Greek mythology. There are dozens of entrances and exits and they seem to change depending on the hour.

One day I will dedicate a proper post to this crazy phenomenon. I’m not sure how to capture it just yet…

I’m still putting together my apartment but once it is finished I plan on doing an apartment tour on here. But until then, check out the handsome guy I share my room with….

His name is Hank!

Well, to end these random ramblings I leave you with a picture I snapped while I was out shopping of a giant bunny. Here’s to one month in Japan!

Ja matta! From Nihon!

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