My first shrine visit

I have officially been in Japan two weeks. And what a two weeks! I have mostly been busy with training for my job and generally trying to survive in a foreign country with next to no Japanese skills. (More on that when I have gathered a conglomeration of embarrassing stories). 

Though I haven’t had a ton of time to explore, one treasure my group did stumble upon was this neighborhood shrine. 

Luckily, a member of our group had been to Japan before and knows Japanese. So she helped us figure out this mini mystical place.

First, you can wash your hands. I guess to purify yourself? I should do more research.

Then you can donate 100¥ ($1) and take a fortune. My knowledge of the Shinto religion and shrines is entirely from the anime Norigami. So, all I could think about was giving Yato my 100¥. 

Then I got my fortune!

As you can see it is in Japanese….

My Japanese speaking friend could only discern that it was a really positive fortune. So. 

Japan goal: figure out what my fortune is!

If you get a bad fortune you can always tie it up here and be rid of the bad luck. Got to appreciate people who are like, “ok gods, what is my future… bad, huh? Nope. You can keep that. Thanks!”

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